Shot Blasting

Blast Room

Welcome to NSP Coatings, your trusted protective coatings supplier with a cutting-edge shot blast solution.

New Blast Room

We are excited to introduce our latest addition, a state-of-the-art shot blast room that is designed to revolutionise our surface preparation processes.

With its remarkable features and superior capabilities, this installation by Kube Blast Automation will enhance our operation and deliver exceptional results.

Unmatched Capacity

Our new shot blast room boasts an impressive 128m3 booth capacity, providing ample space for your projects of various sizes.


Efficient Recovery System

Equipped with a dual screw/scraper recovery mechanism, our shot blast room ensures efficient collection and separation of abrasive materials. This advanced system minimises waste and maximises the usability of abrasives.


Enhanced Dust Extraction

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe working environment. That’s why our shot blast room features a high-volume dust extraction system that exceeds the minimum requirements. With double the dust extraction capacity, our booth guarantees cleaner air, less residual dust, and, ultimately, a better environment for our staff to work in.


Safety at the Forefront

At NSP Coatings, safety is our top priority. Our shot blast room is equipped with a full interlock safety system, incorporating comprehensive safety measures to protect your team and prevent accidents. Our staff have peace of mind knowing that our installation meets the highest safety standards.


Efficient Abrasive Recovery

With a U-shaped recovery system, our shot blast room automatically recovers up to 80% of the abrasive material used during the process. This innovative design ensures minimal wastage, allowing us to maximise the lifespan of our abrasives and optimise our operational efficiency.


Optimised Visibility

We understand the importance of clear visibility during the shot blast process. Our booth features bright LED blast-specific lighting, complemented by sacrificial covers to protect the lights from abrasive particles. With enhanced visibility, we can achieve precise and consistent results.


Advanced Abrasive Cleaning

Maintaining the quality of our abrasives is crucial for optimal performance. Our shot blast room incorporates an air-wash abrasive cleaning system, which effectively removes debris and contaminants from the abrasive material, ensuring that we consistently achieve superior results.


High-Pressure Blast Pot System

To meet the demands of our most challenging projects, our shot blast room is equipped with a high-pressure blast pot system capable of delivering up to 10 bar pressure. This powerful system ensures efficient and thorough surface preparation.


Easy Access and Maximum Uptime

We understand the importance of accessibility and minimising downtime. That’s why our shot blast room features a rubber-coated roller door entrance, providing easy access for loading and unloading. Additionally, our high-volume elevator recovery system ensures maximum uptime by swiftly and efficiently retrieving the blasted materials.


Experience the Next Level of Shot Blasting

With our cutting-edge shot blast room, NSP Coatings can deliver exceptional surface preparation results efficiently and effectively.

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