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Quality Assurance 

At NSP we have a dedicated quality assurance team headed up by Tim Howard, a veteran powder coater.

Our goal is to ensure that every item coming out of the factory is perfect and exactly what the customer expects.

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How do we maintain our high standards?

From the moment items arrive at our yard. We meticulously ‘check in’ each item, conducting thorough visual inspections to ensure:-

  • The item is what we are expecting, in terms of size, shape and condition.
  • We check for any damage that will affect the end finish.
  • We inspect hot-dipped galvanised items to determine the extent of fettling required.

Should an item not pass our rigorous ‘check in’ process, it is immediately quarantined until we can confirm the details with our valued clients.

But our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there. At every stage of the item’s journey through our factory, we have robust checks and measures in place to maintain the highest quality finish.

Once an item has been processed we take meticulous care in packaging it for transport. Each item is packed with precision along with I.D paperwork to ensure it arrives at its final destination in perfect condition, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality assurance.

To further demonstrate our dedication, we even have our own transportation service to ensure reliable and secure delivery to the site.

At NSP, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to quality assurance. Our unwavering attention to detail, rigorous inspections, and commitment to delivering flawless products are the cornerstones of our quality assurance process.

What tests do we perform?

The tests carried out depends on the item being coated and what we are doing to it, but here is a list of our most common tests.

Dew meter test

This test is used to check humidity and detect the temperature of the metal when wet spraying and is given to every item before being treated, if the moisture in the air is high or the metal is too cold, this would result in the paint not adhering.

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Adhesion test

The adhesion test, also known as the cross hatch test, is a crucial quality control procedure for powder coating applications. It is performed using an Elcometer 1542 tester to ensure proper adherence of the powder coating to the product, preventing potential defects and failures.

During the test, a cross-shaped pattern is made on an unseen part of the product using the tester. If the adhesion is optimal, none of the coating will come off when sticky tape is applied and removed. However, if the coating does come away, it is important to refer to the relevant British standard for guidance. If the results fall outside the British standard or our strict quality policy, rework of the product may be required to ensure proper adherence of the powder coating.

Trust the Elcometer 1542 tester for accurate and reliable adhesion testing in your powder coating process. Proper adherence is essential for ensuring durability, longevity, and overall performance of powder-coated products.

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Film thickness

Making sure we have an even coating of either zinc or powder coat is crucial for ensuring their quality and durability and any guarantee we might give, 25 year or 60 year. At our facility, we utilise the advanced Elcometer 456 tester, a cutting-edge tool that provides accurate film thickness results. This comprehensive test is carried out on HZS (Hot Zinc Spray) post blasting and powder-coated products to determine their thickness in microns, which is a critical factor for meeting industry standards and giving guarantees on our products.

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Our testing process begins with measuring difficult areas, such as recesses, to ensure proper coating application. Random areas are also tested to verify that the correct levels of HZS and powder coating are maintained throughout the product. In case the coating levels fall below the required standards, our skilled technicians perform a recoat to ensure the product meets the desired specifications.

With our precise testing procedures and the use of advanced equipment like the Elcometer 456 tester, we ensure that our coated products meet the highest quality standards in the industry. Trust us for reliable and accurate coating thickness testing to ensure the durability and performance of your products.

Visual checks

Visual inspection is more than just looking; it also involves tactile examination to ensure the product has a smooth finish, free from lumps or blemishes. This inspection process starts during the preparation stage before the coating process begins.

Visual inspection is especially crucial for items that undergo shot blasting, and we adhere to the SA 2.5 / 3 standard.

After the coating is applied, it is essential to thoroughly inspect all the recesses to ensure adequate coverage and detect any areas with insufficient coating levels.

Get in touch

If you have any specific questions about quality assurance, our team is available to assist you. Please contact our office number and press 2 to speak with a team member.