At NSP we understand that getting the right finish on a product is key to the overall aesthetics. Whether you are an architect or a designer you can rely on NSP to provide the quality finish you visualised.

Our experienced team take pride in their work and quality checks are integrated all the way through the coating cycle.

We work closely with Architects to find a finish that’s right for the project. You can choose from a plethora of colours and textured finishes.

To protect from corrosion we always recommend a hot zinc spray treatment that applies a protective layer to the base metal.

We are proud to offer a 60 year guarantee on our powder coating product and are happy to share the details of this with you.

When fire safety is needed, our Intumescent process meet all fire regulation standards.

We have been supplying a quality service for over 20 years and have built a reputation for meeting our customers expectations.

Being a AkzoNobel Associated Quality Coater is just one of the ways we give you peace of mind.

The earlier we are involved in the project the better, so please get in touch to ensure you get the finish on your metal work that the project deserves.

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Structural Engineers

At NSP we work closely with structural engineers to find the right approach to finishing a product. Understanding the needs of the project is key to recommending the right finish.

Our 60 year guarantee is proving very popular with Structural engineers as its providing peace of mind to the longevity of the item in situ.

To find out more about our 60 year guarantee process speak to one of our skilled estimators who can explain the process involved.

We have the capacity to work on very large projects, so let’s start the conversation early so we can plan the very best finish for the environment it will inhabit

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Steel Fabricators

We deal with Steel fabricators day in day out, they know that we deliver a quality product and the best service around.
Often jobs have a tight turn around and because we run two ovens and we can accommodate a high volume of work.

Companies across the UK rely on us to deliver quality finishes by either powder coating or wet spraying items, we can even give them a bespoke finish.

The majority of our regular customers take advantage of our in house transport, allowing us to be in control of pick up times and more importantly deliver the job direct the site / customer.

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Civil Engineers

Over the years we have been proud to partner with local authorities and the highways department to coat large civil engineering projects.

The size of our facility allows us to work on very large items including bridges and gantries.

Our 60 year guarantee allow us to give piece of mind to the corrosion of items exposed to the elements.

If you have a project in development its best to talk to us first about the best way to coat the item, it can be wet sprayed, power coated or if necessary use intumescent paint to give a fire resistant finish.

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Art & Sculptures

At NSP we get some strange requests and some very odd things to coat. But our experienced team always finds a way and what we pride ourselves in is the quality of the finish, especially on a sculpture or art installation.

If you have a project and need it coating, contact us today to discuss the very best finish for your item.

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