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60 year guarantee

At NSP coatings we are very proud to announce that we are leading the UK coating industry by offering a 60 year guarantee.

Our expected life limited guarantee relates to a specific process that is exclusively undertaken by NSP Coatings. We have had our process independently validated and are proud to give this peace of mind to our customers.

To achieve our 60 year guarantee we enhance our specification during the HZS process and during this ensuring robust thickness testing, this adds far greater anti-corrosive protecting to the substrate prior to our special two stage Architectural powder coating stage

60 years

We can’t give away our exact process, but we can tell you that in order to qualify for your 60 year guarantee, the base metal will have been shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed and then given at least two coats of powder. We do have some exacting standards and our sign off by quality control has to meet our criteria.

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