Just like there are many different types of metal, there are also many different types of metal coatings. Some of them, like molten zinc primer for metal, is used for corrosion resistance. Others, like powder coatings, are used for surface protection to make your metal products durable long lasting, and resistant to corrosion.

Knowing what outcome you want to achieve is vital to knowing what protective coatings you need to apply. We have created this blog to help you decide which protective coatings are the best option for giving your metal products a long lasting finish.

whats the best protective coating for metal

Types of Coatings for Metal

Although there are many different types of metal coatings on the market, not all of them are going to be right for you. For example, if you’re wanting abrasion resistant coatings (especially useful in the maritime industry), then just powder coating wouldn’t be much use.

To make it easier, you can split the types of coatings into two categories. Category one is surface preparation, like powder coating and zinc primers. Category two is preventive care, like Hot zinc spray for metal and hot dig galvanising, which gives corrosion resistance.

whats the best protective coating for metal1

Protective Coating for Painted Metal

We recommend that all metals are shot blast first before priming. Then you need to seal the metal with a zinc coating, you can do this with hot zinc spray or hot zinc galvanising or a powder zinc primer. These act as an extra layer of protective coatings to prevent corrosion.

whats the best protective coating for metal2

What Are Protective Coatings?

Protective coatings do what they say on the tin. They protect the metal. In some instances, they are abrasion resistant. Other times, they offer corrosion resistance. They’re used across a variety of industries, like maritime and manufacturing, to keep metal products safe and give them a long lifespan.

Alongside protective coatings, there are also surface preparation options, like abrasive blast cleaning. Surface preparation is about proactively preparing metal so it is smooth, and it is recommended to SA3 standards. Surface protection products, like shot blast cleaning, remove rust and debris, meaning old metal can be re-painted or sprayed with hot zinc.

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Protective Coating for Steel Surfaces

Hot dip galvanising and hot zinc spray are the two most renowned metal protective coatings. Hot dip galvanising is when a steel product is dipped in molten zinc. This is ideal for large steel products, but it is difficult if they’re awkwardly shaped as zinc can pool in difficult areas.

Hot zinc spray is useful for steel products that are too awkwardly shaped for hot dip galvanising or where a perfect topcoat is necessary, as this is by far the best method to get the perfect topcoat. It’s a method where molten zinc is mixed with airless spray and applied to steel products. This method can be more cost-effective.

Types of Protective Coatings on Metals

It depends on what you want to protect your metals against. If you want anticorrosion protection, then you need to think about hot dip galvanising or hot zinc spray; this will give the highest level of protection against rust. You also have zinc primers and then the top coat of powder or wet spray. These are used when the item is less likely to get exposed to the elements.

The Perfect Solution for All Your Protective Coating Needs

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