Powder coating is the go-to protective coating for manufacturers and has been since it was first invented in the 1950s. This is for two reasons. Firstly, applying a powder coat to metal protects it from the elements. Secondly, powder coatings can be found in almost any colour, making them ideal for decorative finishes.

These two factors make powder coatings the perfect combination of style and practicality. It means businesses can protect their metal, but without making them lose their aesthetic appeal.

what colours can you use for powdercoating

Can You Mix RAL Colours?

Although powder coatings can be found in almost any colour, they cannot be mixed to create a new one.

This is because powder coating colours aren’t created from a liquid, so you can’t just combine two colours to create a new one like you can with wet paint. Instead, the powder coating process involves creating a polymer plastic block of the required colour and breaking it down so it can be combined with the powder. This is why powder coating is sometimes referred to as polyester powder coating.

If you want a particular colour, then this needs to be created in advance of applying powder coating.

what colours can you use for powdercoating3

What Are RAL Colours Used For?

RAL stands for Reichs-Ausschuss für Lieferbedingungen, which translates to National Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance. It’s a universally recognised colour system for industrial paints.

It was created to ensure consistency. Industrial paints are more complicated than the ones we use to paint the walls of our homes. If paint is being applied in the manufacturing industry, then it is likely more than one person is involved in the application process. There could be the manufacturer, the architect, the product manager and the powder coater all communicating to get the right colour. Because RAL is a combination of letters and numbers, it means there is no miscommunication.

For example, it is much clearer for the manufacturer to say to the powder coater they want their product powder coated in RAL 4005 than saying “We want our product powder coated in light purple”.

what colours can you use for powdercoating1

Can You Get Metallic RAL Colours?

There are 70 metallic RAL powder coating colors. These come in a variety of different options, from metallic silver to metallic gold. Some spray paints make steel appear like it’s lost its metallic tint, instead giving it a glossy, unappealing look. The metallic RAL selection protects your metal products while keeping their desired appearance.

What Are RAL Colours? 

RAL is a selection of powder coating color options. It’s used in the manufacturing industry to ensure consistency. Every RAL colour is a mixture of numbers and letters, giving each one a unique code. RAL colours limit errors and improve communication when powder coating metal.

There are 2,540 colours available, not as many as there are with wet paint, but still more than enough to coat your products in any colour you want. These range from metallic tints to classic shades.

RAL Colours Explained

Imagine a manufacturing business producing a series of high-quality metal balconies. Due to the market, they’re targeting, aesthetic appeal is everything.

The manufacturer decides if the powder coating process is a better option than wet spray paint. This way, they can professionally paint their balconies so they look appealing, while also protecting them from adverse weather conditions.

Rather than giving the powder coater a vague description of what colour powder coating finishes they want, they instead give the powder coater a specific RAL code.

Now there is no miscommunication. The powder coating services are complete and the balconies are the exact colour the manufacturing client had in mind. In addition to having the high-quality look the client wanted, they’re also protected from rust and corrosion for years to come.

This is the importance of RAL colours when using polyester powder coating services. They ensure consistency and clear up communication so no mistakes are made.

What is RAL Code for Paint?

A RAL code represents a specific colour. Because there are over 2,000 RAL colours available for powder coating steel, there must be a system in place to ensure consistency. There are many different shades of each colour available, some are metallic, while others have a higher gloss level. A RAL code avoids any errors in miscommunication and ensures the right color is selected when powder coating steel or other metals.

In-House Polyester Powder Coating 

We offer a full range of polyester powder coating finishes in-house. If we don’t have the RAL colour you need, then we’ll order it specifically for you.

Discover more about our polyester powder coating finishes and other coating solutions by getting in touch here. We offer a 60-year guarantee on all products we powder coat, ensuring they’re protected from adverse weather conditions for years to come. Book your no-obligation quote here.