Have you ever gone to sit on a park bench and then suddenly decided you’d rather keep standing because of its rusted orange colour? This is the effect that corrosion has on metal products. It damages them and makes them unappealing and in extreme cases they can fail and fall apart.

Zinc thermal spraying, also known as zinc spraying or hot zinc spray, protects your metal from rust. It stops them from looking unpleasant and gives them a long lifespan. This is everything you need to know about thermal zinc praying, and how you can use it to protect your products from corrosion.

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What is Thermal Zinc Metal Spraying?

Thermal zinc spraying is the process of spray coating molten zinc onto metal. This is done to give the metal a layer of protection against the environment, which prevents corrosion.

Many industries, from maritime to manufacturing, use hot zinc spraying to increase the lifespan of their products and prevent them from becoming damaged by rust.


Hot Zinc Spray Coating

Hot zinc spray coating acts like a second layer which rests on top of your product. The hot zinc spray process is where molten zinc is sprayed onto metal, creating a zinc coating. This hot spray then solidifies, forming a protective layer over the metal underneath and stops water or moisture penetration the subs straight.

The solidified hot spray protects metal from damage caused by the environment, making it perfect for corrosion protection.


Hot Zinc Arc Spray Gun

The arc spray process is a hot spray method sometimes referred to as twin wire arc spray, it uses an electric arc to melt zinc wire. It is also known as thermal zinc spraying and is used to give metal products an extra layer of anti corrosion protection.

Twin wire arc spray is a cost-effective method of protecting metal and gives the perfect finish to apply the top coat, it needs no fettling, unlike hot dip galvanising.


Hot Zinc Spray Process

The zinc thermal spraying process involves the melting of zinc wires in an arc spray gun. The gun uses an electric arc to melt these zinc wires and turn them into a metal spray. This metal spray is then applied to steel or iron products to protect them from rust and corrosion.

Zinc Arc Spray VS Hot Dip

Zinc thermal spraying is similar to the hot dip galvanising process. They both include giving metal products a zinc coating to protect them from the environment. Which one you should choose depends on the product you are protecting.

Hot dip galvanizing is useful for coating metal products that don’t need a perfect finish., Dipping is easy and quick. However, it can need fettling, or rubbing down afterwards, as pooling and a rough finish can impede the ability to apply a smooth top coat.

Hot zinc spray allows you to hit every corner and crevice of your metal goods. It’s effective, cost-efficient, and suitable for most steel or iron product, regardless of its shape or size. The exception to this would be tubes or poles that the spray gun cannot get inside of. This is where dipping would give a better galvanised product.

Experts in Thermal Zinc Spraying

From powder coating to thermal zinc spraying, we have everything you need to protect your metal product, and we do it all in-house.

We can guarantee your metal will be protected for at least 60 years, if you use our specific process. This guarantee is exclusive to us because of a specific process we use to protect your products, which is a combination of shot blasting, hot zinc spray and powder coating.

Discover more about how we can protect your metal from corrosion by booking a free consultation here.