The True Cost of Cutting Corners1

In the landscape of industrial coatings, there’s an unsettling trend that’s not only compromising the quality of work but also undermining the integrity of our industry. This issue? The notorious practice of cutting corners, a tactic often employed by those we’ve come to refer to as “Cowboys” within our field.

Recently, an incident that perfectly encapsulates this troubling trend unfolded right at our doorstep. A metal fabricator tasked with delivering balconies for coating casually suggested we cover them to prevent rust – a clear indication that essential pre-treatment steps like shot blasting and priming were skipped. This isn’t just lazy; it’s a blatant disregard for quality and durability, and, frankly, it’s a tactic that puts everyone at risk.

Is Hot Zinc Spray Better Than Hot Dip Galvanizing

The Corner-Cutting Cowboys

These “Cowboys” in the coating industry are a breed all their own, marked by their willingness to bypass critical preparatory steps in the coating process. By avoiding procedures such as shot blasting, zinc priming, or the application of hot zinc spray, they not only endanger the structural integrity of the materials they work with but also, more insidiously, charge clients for these very steps that they’ve skipped. This is not just cutting corners; it’s deceitful, and it short-changes clients while jeopardising the end product’s lifespan and safety.

The Price of Compromise

What’s at stake when corners are cut? Far more than just the immediate aesthetics or the initial cost savings. The ramifications extend to the very durability and reliability of the coated materials. Without proper preparation, coatings fail to adhere correctly, leaving structures vulnerable to corrosion, wear, and tear far sooner than anticipated. This results in increased maintenance costs, potential safety hazards, and, ultimately, a loss of trust in the service provider.

Standing Firm on Standards

At NSP Coatings, we’ve dedicated 24 years to not just meeting but exceeding industry standards. Our commitment to integrity means insisting on comprehensive surface preparation, including blasting and the application of zinc primers or hot zinc spray, before proceeding to the final coating. This isn’t merely about adhering to best practices; it’s about respecting our clients and ensuring that the products we deliver stand the test of time.

Is Hot Zinc Spray Better Than Hot Dip Galvanizing 1

A Call to Action

The issue of cutting corners isn’t limited to the coating industry; it’s a widespread problem that affects numerous sectors. It raises a larger question about the quality of service and the values we prioritise in business. Are we willing to compromise on integrity for the sake of cutting costs or expediting delivery? Or do we stand firm on the principles of quality, durability, and honesty?

We urge our peers, clients, and consumers to reflect on these questions and join us in advocating for higher standards across all industries. If you’ve encountered similar shortcuts or unethical practices, we encourage you to share your experiences. By bringing these issues to light, we can collectively push for a shift towards greater accountability and quality in all aspects of our work.

Together, let’s take a stand against the “Cowboys” of our industries and champion the cause of quality and integrity. After all, true craftsmanship and honest service are not just about what’s seen on the surface; they’re about what endures over time.