Personal protective equipment (PPE) plays a crucial role in many industries, from construction and manufacturing to healthcare and food service. But simply wearing PPE isn’t enough; it must also be maintained and kept in good condition to provide the best level of protection. One way to achieve this is through powder coating, a durable and long-lasting finishing process that can lengthen the lifespan of PPE, and provide extra protection to those using it.

In this article, we break down the benefits that powder coating has for personal protective equipment, and how it can save your business money (and protect your staff) in the long run.

NSP Powder Coating PPE Protecting You and Your Equipment

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a finishing process where electrostatically charged powder is applied to a surface. The coated product is then heated to create a hard, durable finish. The powder coat typically contains a combination of resins, pigments, and other additives, and can be customised to achieve specific colours.

Powder coating is often used as a finishing process for metal products, such as car parts, appliances, and furniture. However, it can also be used on a variety of other materials, like plastic or ceramics.

The process is mainly used in manufacturing industries where products either need colouring or protection from environmental damage. For example, metal balconies are powder coated to give them a certain colour and to protect them from the rain. If these metal products aren’t powder coated, then they can begin to rust and corrode, lowering their lifespan and painting a poor image of the supplier.

NSP Powder Coating PPE Protecting You and Your Equipment1

Why Powder Coat PPE?

There are four primary reasons why you would powder coat PPE. These are as follows:

  • Durability
  • Protection
  • Customisation
  • Environmental sustainability

Powder coating creates a tough finish that is resistant to cracks and can withstand heavy use. This is where durability comes into play. Because powder coat can withstand harsh environments, particularly cold and wet ones, it is the perfect solution for PPE that needs to hold up against heavy use. For example, hard hats that are exposed to the elements and safety glasses that are easily scratched. Increased durability also means that PPE equipment lasts longer, saving businesses money.

As for protection, industrial powder coating helps to protect PPE from corrosion, UV radiation, and other types of damage. This both increases the PPEs lifespan and protects the wearer who is using it.

Because you can use powder coating to colour items, it also makes it perfect for customising PPE. You can use powder coating to coat equipment in your brand colours. Let’s face it, PPE isn’t the most exciting of things, and it typically comes in drab greys and whites. Adding some colour can make your business stand out, and it makes your staff more likely to want to wear PPE, preventing injuries in the workplace.

Finally, powder coating is more environmentally sustainable than traditional wet paint. It produces less waste and emits less volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint, then powder coating PPE is the perfect option for you.

NSP Powder Coating PPE Protecting You and Your Equipment3

What Types of PPE Can be Powder Coated?

Nearly all types of PPE can be powder coated. However, it is mainly used on the following items:

  • Hard hats- Powder coating can help protect hard hats from scratches and impact damage. A customised appearance can also make your team easier to identify on site
  • Safety glasses- Powder coating can enhance the durability of safety glasses
  • Respirators- Powder coating protects respirators from corrosion and environmental damage
  • Gloves- Powder coating can improve the grip and durability of gloves
  • Earplugs- Powder coating can provide a more comfortable and durable finish for earplugs, as well as add identification markers or colour coding
NSP Powder Coating PPE Protecting You and Your Equipment2

Here to Protect you and Your Equipment

At NSP Coatings, we understand the importance of keeping your staff and equipment protected. It is our duty to increase the longevity of your PPE equipment so that you save money on replacing it, and add an extra layer of protection for your workers.

To discover more about our powder coating process and how we keep your PPE equipment protected, contact our expert team by clicking here.