NSP 60-year Guarantee Expected Life Limited Guarantee for the purpose of Anti-Corrosion on Ferrous Substrates 

At NSP Coatings we are very proud to be the first protective coatings company to offer a 60 year limited lifetime guarantee.

What is guaranteed?

Our 60-year guarantee is supported with detailed paperwork and a certificate of authenticity. But in basic terms, we guarantee our work and the integrity of the coatings if they remain intact and are maintained in accordance with the instructions contained in the paperwork.

What process is undertaken to qualify for the 60 year guarantee

We can’t share all the specifics with you on our process, otherwise, everyone would offer it, but here is the outline of the procedures we carry out.

  • Agree with the client on the parameters for testing the product in accordance with EN ISO 2063:2005
  • Shot/Grit Blasted to a specific standard (This is a secret) And checked
  • Hot Zinc Spray (HZS) to a specific micron thickness, Multiple checks and recorded
  • This whole step is a trade secret
  • First specified powder coat layer Primer (The details are a trade secret)
  • Specified Architectural PPC layer to achieve a specified thickness and smooth uniform coat.
  • Test in accordance with EN ISO 2063:2005
An operator powder coating

An operator powder coating

What is the background to the 60 year guarantee?

For several years, a 25 year guarantee was and is commonplace in association with a product being hot zinc sprayed HZS. But NSP we thought and wanted to prove that we could take this process further. So, a few years ago we set about testing this and looking at ways to make sure we could extend the life of our product.

What would invalidate my guarantee?

The main area that would invalidate the guarantee is if the protective outer surface coating is damaged or if the correct maintenance of the item has not been followed.

This is the certificate that is issued with every 60 year guarantee

This is the certificate that is issued with every 60 year guarantee

What is covered in the guarantee?

Guarantee for the purpose of Anti-Corrosion on Ferrous Substrates 

Do I need to pay extra for the 60 year guarantee?

No, as long as you agree to the full process as listed above then, the 60-year guarantee is issued as part of that specified service.

What ISO do you test to?

For this 60-year guarantee, we use EN ISO 2063:2005

Can I have a 60 year guarantee on any Hot Zinc Spray item?

No, the 60 year guarantee is only applicable to items that have been subjected to specific techniques and checks. All HZS items qualify for our 25-year HZS guarantee