We get asked this all the time… “How much does it cost” or “What’s the rough price on…”.

The answer really does depend on what the job is, our skilled estimators will give you an accurate quote when they have all the details of the job.

The price can vary because of several factors, its size, shape, the number of processes it needs to undergo and what finish is required.

We want to give you an idea or at least an understanding of what goes into pricing up your job, so the following sections are designed to help you understand the process.


The size of your item does not always give you a true measure of what work is involved. To try and explain what we mean, here are three examples of the same overall size item, but how different they can be.

All items here are constructed with 50mm box steel frame measuring 1 metre by 1metre and for this example, they are just being powder coated once. With a standard RAL matt finish.

Example 1.

A Hollow frame

This item is just a square frame, with nothing in the middle.

So, the cost here for surface only won’t cover the overheads so we need to charge a higher rate for the lost oven space that is not coated. (the space it takes up is far more than the area coated)

Cost £28.00

Example 2.

Frame with infills

This item is the same square frame, but has uprights every 10cm, so the surface frame that needs coating has now increased to because of the extra 1m long struts and work to process.

Cost £36.00


Example 3.

Frame Perforated infill

This item is the same square frame, but has a perforated infill, so the surface frame that needs coating has now increased to 2m square because of the 1m square extra insert on either side.

Cost £50.00


Does the price vary depending on the powder and specification you use??

Yes, very much so. Standard RAL powders are priced around £7 per kilo, but specials will cost a lot more on average £16 Per m2 and then you have other ranges that cost between £25 And £40 per kilo Depending on the finish and durability you want.

What is the price of your 60-year guarantee?

This comes free with every item that undergoes our specific treatment. Items must be shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed and powder coated all to our specific standards to qualify for the 60- guarantee. This must also be specified at the quoting stage, not after the work has been completed.

Do you charge for the storage of my item?

We store all jobs in your secure yard while they are being processed. Your items are required to be collected within 14 days. We are happy in some cases to store your items for you, but this does incur a storage fee, our fees start from £150 per week and depend on the size of the items and how much room they take up. We do not store items indefinitely.


What other processes affect the price of my item?

We will almost always recommend that your items are shot blast to ensure the perfect sub straight for your item. If you require corrosion protection we will where applicable recommend Hot zinc spray (HZS) and in some cases, we will recommend a zinc primer and base coat.


Does my price include transport costs?

We do have our own transport here at NSP and are happy to discuss the cost of collection and delivery. We can deliver direct to the end customer if required, including London sites.

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Does my quote include VAT?

All our prices are Ex VAT and VAT will be added to all invoices at the set rate.