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Wet Spraying

Wet Spraying

Wet Spraying
NSP Coatings Ltd offer a range of wet spray coatings for items upto 2.5 tons and 13m in length. Details of these services can be found below.

Two Pack Polyurethane

We offer two pack in all RAL and BS colours in a standard, fine, medium and coarse texture finish. Two pack polyurethane offers the high resistance to weathering including sunlight and is UV stable holding its colour for many years. Two pack polyurethane coatings have a dry film thickness of approximately 50-80µm and 1000 hours salt spray, resulting in a durable finish for external applications.

Three Coat Systems

Three coat systems are available consisting of primer - intermediate and top coats, suited to applications such as moving parts on factory machinery and material handling systems such as pallet trucks. The durable, corrosion resistant finish is made of the following:

Epoxy Primer 75-100 DFT
Two Pack Polyurethane Base Coat 75-100 DFT
Full Gloss Top Coat 50-60 DFT

Three coat systems offer excellent substrate coverage, increased life expectancy and corrosion resistance and offer a dry film thickness of approximately 150-200µm. For best results a full shot blasting pretreatment is essential.


Below are a number of examples of our work:


We offer a primer only service for jobs that do not require a full finish or where items will be assembled and finished elsewhere including structural steel. We offer primer finishes that are coloured the specific RAL numbers. We offer zinc phosphate and epoxy primers in single and two pack finishes. All primer coatings are available with an optional shot blast service.

Coal Tar Epoxy

For water related application, sewage tanks, water containers and piping we offer a cold tar epoxy service. This is a two pack finish ideal for highly corrosive environments, and offers outstanding water and crude oil resistance, proof against polluted water and abrasion resistance. All coal tar epoxy finishes require shot blasting pretreatment for best results. Coal tar epoxy also is recognised as an official corrosion control coating by the Lloyds Register.

High Corrosion Resistant Coating

We offer a specialist coating for high level corrosive environments and applications from International Paints for applications where an extended life expectancy of the surface coating is required. The specialist wet spray system offers upto 16 years performance protection in most types of light industrial applications, urban & industrial environments with moderate sulphur dioxide pollution, high humidity and areas of low salinity. For more information please feel free to call.

Wet Spraying
Wet Spraying


We offer airless systems to customer specification. Our airless coating systems are ideal for application on large surface area on site work. Airless coatings offer a good thick and even finish.

Site Work

We occasionally carry out site work for specialist work, in particular with regards to water treatment facilities.

Dry Film Thickness

All coatings can be applied to specific dry film thicknesses as details in the table below:


Structural Steel

We have just completed a six month contract preparing and priming structural steel consisting of 160 tonne for our client ASME Engineering Ltd, this is for the extension to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

All the steels many of which 7-10 meters and 1.5t were shot blasted and primed with Leighs C400V3 to a minimum DFT of 100 microns.

Colour Matching

We offer a colour matching service c/o our existing paint supplier for matching any existing paint surface as well as RAL and BS colour sets This service also covers matching corporate colours from brochures and letterheads.

Wet Spraying


High Quality Track Line Metal Finishing

Aluminium & Steel Hot Zinc Spraying

Steel Grit and Shot Abrasive Blasting
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