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Industrial Powder Coating

Industrial Powder Coating

We offer powder coatings designed specifically for use in industry. This area represents the largest part of our business.

Areas served include:

Consumer Products

We offer powder coatings for consumer products including barbecues, leisure equipment, toys, pushchairs, golf equipment and travel cases etc.

Consumer Product powder coatings are required to offer perfect aesthetic finishes to maximise sales potential as well as offer particular performance characteristics.


We offer powder coatings aimed at the energy sector, in particular the generation and distribution of energy, primarily electricity.

This covers the manufacture of products and components such as transformers, electrical enclosures as well as products designed for use in the renewable energy market e.g. solar PV, solar thermal and wind power systems.


We offer specialist powder coatings for the lighting market including the interior and exterior applications.

Solutions for exterior lighting include powder coatings with corrosion protection properties as well as being available in choice of colours to complement the surroundings and achitectural schemes. We also offer heat resistant powder coatings for components of flood and stadium lighting including reflectors.

Powder coatings for interior applications are chosen mainly for their aesthetic qualities and application characteristics.

Medical and Healthcare

We offer a range of powder coatings that are specifically chosen for the Medical and Healthcare sector and are typically used for healthcare items like beds, wheelchairs and medical equipment.


We offer powder coating solutions for packaging substrates ranging from steel or aluminium to glass or ceramics.

These powder coatings are commonly used on gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, chemical drums, perfumes, beverages and medicine bottles etc.

Public Transportation

We offer powder coating services for use in Public Transportation. They are specifically designed for use on the internal components of coaches, buses, tramways, metros, high speed Intercity and local train systems etc for items such as panels, rails, seating and shelving.

Coatings include a wide range of special effects, including standard and coloured finishes and a selection of industry leading graffiti resistance coatings.


We offer powder coatings for shelving, displays, point of sale kiosks and checkouts which can help you design your retail space etc.

High performance powder coatings can be offered for special effects, colours and wood effects.

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