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Hot Zinc Spraying

Thermal Metal Spraying

NSP Coatings Ltd offer Thermal Metal Spraying of Very large down to small components both 'as sprayed' and as an anti-corrosive primer for powder coating.

For 2015 we have invested in a new Arc spray unit allowing us to take on larger jobs and achieve higher production rates with a wider range of finishes.

The molten zinc is sprayed on to the component surface to form a dense, strongly adherent coating providing the Anti-Corrosion Protection.

A major advantage of the ARC spray system is the zinc coating is available for almost instant use with no drying or curing times and there is no risk of damaging the component through heat distortion.

Thermal metal or Hot Zinc Spray as it is also known is ideal for external applications such as architectural metalwork as well as for use in corrosive environments.

Hot Zinc Spray

Hot Zinc SprayOur Hot Zinc Spray process uses Metallisation Wire 02.3E Zinc (Zn).

Surface pre-treatment is achieved through grit blasting to SA3 to provide the best possible key for the zinc layer.

Zinc is applied to spec BS EN 22063:1994, normally 80-100 microns but can be increased to suit customer's requirements.

Examples of a typical system

  1. Shot blasting to standard SA3
  2. Hot Zinc Spray to 100 microns
  3. Anti-gas epoxy primer powder coat
  4. RAL Colour Polyester powder coat

Key Applications


High Quality Track Line Metal Finishing

Aluminium & Steel Hot Zinc Spraying

Steel Grit and Shot Abrasive Blasting
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