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Functional & Electrical Sector Powder Coating

Functional & Electrical Sector Powder Coating

We offer functional powder coatings designed specifically for electrical applications, corrosion protection to above and below ground pipelines, valves, fittings and rebars. These powder coatings are commonly applied across the electrical insulation market and consist of bonded epoxy (FBE) powder which offers both mechanical durability as well as electrical insulation.

These functional powder coatings are suited for:

Electrical Insulation

We offer an bonded epoxy powder coating for the insulation of lamination stacks used in small motors, for metal bars used in electrical distribution systems and for electronic components (like capacitors, varistors, condensers and for magnetic cores).

These electrical insulation powder coatings are available for the insulation of busbars and electronic components according to e.g. UL 94 (V-0), UL 746. The powder coating also meets IEC 455 as the main insulation for rotors, stators and transformers in their electrical insulation and is rated class F (155° C) and class H (180° C) according UL 1446.

Pipeline Coatings

We offer powder coatings for pipelines commonly used for applications such as the transportation of oil, natural gas, petrochemicals and water.

Our facilities are suited for pipeline lengths of upto 8m and weights up to 1.5 tons.


We offer powder coatings for reinforced concrete construction rebar. Specialist powder coating of rebar helps prevent corrosion from salts and atmospheric substances, especially road salts and sea salt on buildings close to the sea, or problems caused by acid.

The resin based powder coating is tested to ASTM A775 and helps to protect corrosion from salts and atmospheric substances.

We can powder coat rebar up to 8m in length.

Valves and Fittings

We offer a high quality thermosetting epoxy powder coating for the protection of above and below ground iron or steel valves and fittings from corrosion.

The finish has numerous worldwide drinking water approvals and results in a hygienic and environmentally friendly coating solution. For UV protection the powder coating can be overcoated with polyester powder.

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