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Automotive Powder Coating

Automotive Powder Coating

We offer powder coatings designed specifically for use on automotive components.

We can apply a wide range of powder coat finishes for the automotive sector for applications including body work and trim, aluminium wheels and mechanical components.

Powder coating solutions include an innovative powder coating which can be used as a body coat, providing a realistic alternative to liquid paint.

Specialist Powder Coatings for automotive applications includes:


We can apply a range of powder coating finishes for bodycoatings including primer-surfacers, basecoats (solid and metallic colours), solid shade topcoats and clearcoat technologies.

Combined with out large powder coating oven and large shot blast facilities we are able to offer a first rate service to vintage and classic car restoration companies.

Components for Motorbike

We have catered to the motorbike market for years and can offer mechanics and restorers a high quality service. We offer several options including:

Components for Trims

We offer powder coatings for standard exterior application or semi-interior parts including door frames and sun roofs in a wide choice of colours, gloss or special effects as well as specific and unique textured surfaces.

We also offer super durable powder coatings for roof racks, wiper arms and pillars that need to withstand the heat and elements.

Components for Under Hood & Under Body

We offer specialist powder coat finishes for under the hood components where a mix of heat resistance, chemical resistance and weatherability are required.

This service is ideal for restoration companies looking to finish any under the hood component ranging from brackets and trays through to cylinder heads and engine blocks.

Components for Wheels

We offer a range of coatings for wheels including primers, hot zinc spray under coats, standard powder coatings, clear powder coatings & polyester clear coats for aluminium wheels.

Specialist wheel powder coatings are designed for excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance and are available in a range of colours.

High Quality Track Line Metal Finishing

Aluminium & Steel Hot Zinc Spraying

Steel Grit and Shot Abrasive Blasting
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