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Architectural Powder Coating

Architectural Powder Coating

We offer powder coatings designed specifically for use with architectural components with a focus towards large items and utilising hot zinc spray undercoats.

We use powder coatings that meet all the major architectural quality standards (including AAMA, and for certain series Qualicoat and GSB).

We offer powder coating solutions for all types of exterior architectural metalwork applications including:

Balustrades and Hand Rails

We offer a range of robust coatings for Balustrades and Hand Rails providing hard-wearing finishes that look attractive and last for many years in most traffic-heavy areas.

We also offer warm to the touch handrail finishes. Click here for more on our Warm To The Touch handrail powder coating services.

Ceiling Tiles

We can coat large quantities of ceiling ties in a full range of consistent high quality colours

Fencing and Railings

We can offer powder coating solutions for all types of external fencing and railings. Combined with our large track line, 8m powder coating oven, hot zinc spray pretreatment and large yard with internal loading/unloading we can provide you with high quality finished fence and railing components in a full range of standard colours.

Garage Doors

We offer powder coatings that have been designed to work with exterior garage doors and have the capacity to provide a complete inhouse service whether working for an OEM in volume or with a companies involved with reconditioning projects.

Sun Shades, Brise Soleil and Shutters

We offer powder coating solutions that are designed for sun shades, brise soleil and shutters that are subject to the full exposure of both the sun and rain all day long.

These super durable coatings are ideal for exterior positions on buildings and ensure long-term attractive finishes that are fade resistant.

Verandas, Winter Gardens, Conservatories

We offer powder coating solutions for exterior verandas, winter gardens and conservatories. The powder finishes are specifically designed for exterior architectural applications and are suitable for mediums such as aluminium and steel profiles as well as hybrid wood/aluminium sections.

Windows, Doors and Facades

We offer a range of powder coating solutions that offer durable finishes. Included with these we offer three finishes that can offer 1-year, 5-year and 10-year durability performance in industry-standard 'Florida' weathering tests as well as meeting all the major industry specifications, including AAMA, and for certain series Qualicoat and GSB.

These coatings are all available in RAL and British Standards colours as well as a range of unique fashion colour collections designed by architects for architects.

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Aluminium & Steel Hot Zinc Spraying

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